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A la carte Service

In addition to our grooming services, Animo etc is offering you various A la carte services. Do not hesitate to ask when making your appointment. Communicate with us for all the details and prices.

Ear cleaning
Claw covering
Skunk treatment*
*Needs a wash and dry (not included)

Cats have always been a source of fascination for human. Tamed 9,000 years ago and domesticated 4,000 years ago, the Egyptians were the first to domesticate and use cats for pest control. Revered as a powerful hunter and worshiped as gods, many were mummified before being buried. Thereafter, other civilizations followed, especially in Italy where they spread slowly in Europe. Finally, it is with the pilgrims that they arrive in the New World.

Today, cats have become one of the most popular pets in the world. Perfectly adapted to our lifestyle, they are beautiful, enigmatic and easy to maintain. Moreover, their evolution, led by Man, has led to fifty races.


A clean and well-bristled hair, eyes and ears cleaned, claws cut…cats need small regular care to be beautiful. It also contributes to their well-being. Accustomed from an early age to be manipulated, these moments will strengthen the links that unite the cat to his master and greatly facilitate the task to the latter.


As cats feed on a single diet day after day, food must be of good quality and balanced and this, within the very first months of life. Quality food will have an impact on animal health throughout their lives. Food will also help to prevent health problems, sometimes grave consequences.

A good food must contain quality proteins and in appropriate quantity, antioxidants and a good digestibility rate. Formulas meeting the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) criteria are certified balanced.

For the first months of life it is recommended to divide food into three meals a day to calmly move towards two meals a day (between 6 and 12 months). It is important to avoid automatic dispensers and leave food at will! On the other hand, it is important to always provide fresh water. Kittens must switch to adult food around 6-9 months.

For customers who own multiple pets, it would be a wise move to feed them in separate bowls, and perhaps in separate rooms. It will allow to follow up on the appetite of each of them. In addition, if one day, an animal needs special-need food, it will be possible to give this food only to the animal concerned. It is recommended to measure cat food and always give a little less than the suggested amount on the bag. This amount is frequently exaggerated or calculated for a very active or athletic animal, which is rarely the case.

Tips & Tricks

  • Your cat likes his habits, feed him at the same place and at the same hour
  • Choose a quiet area, far from where you eat
  • Give him his meal on an easy clean surface (linoleum our carpet)
  • Place his bowl far from the litter
  • If you have two cats, keep their bowls at a distance from each other to avoid fights
  • Give him fresh water in a metal or ceramic bowl. Drink promotes the proper functioning of his kidneys and reduces the risk of urinary diseases
  • Offer him fresh water instead of milk. Most of weaned kittens lost their faculty to digest lactose